The mission was to transform a product, previously known as “Form Builder”, into a distinctive brand with a unique identity, catering to both current and potential clients within the healthcare industry. The primary challenge was to break away from the generic “Form Builder” label prevalent in the tech sector. the rebranding and renaming initiative not only transformed the product but also positioned it as a prominent player in the healthcare technology landscape. This case study illustrates the power of strategic branding to drive growth, engagement, and success in a competitive market.


Web Design

Strategies and Execution

Brand Refresh

The project¬†with a comprehensive brand refresh, completely transforming the application’s image. During this phase, we brainstormed three unique brand identities, each accompanied by its own original name and logo design. After rigorous evaluation, one concept stood out as the clear frontrunner. This marked the beginning of a collaborative effort involving our team to meticulously craft the logo, design and develop an exclusive website, and create a set of fresh marketing materials.

Name Transformation

The selected name struck a chord with the very essence of the product, guaranteeing its prominence amidst the bustling tech landscape. This new name succinctly captured the product’s fundamental features and advantages tailored to our healthcare clientele. It conveyed an aura of innovation and dependability, effectively addressing the industry’s distinct requirements.

Design Overhaul

The logo design served as a powerful symbol of the product’s evolution and unwavering commitment to excellence. Ensuring continuity, we upheld a consistent design language, fostering a seamless and unified visual identity across all points of interaction

Website Transformation

A significant milestone in introducing the new brand to the digital realm was the development of a dedicated website, a step that bolstered its online presence. The website’s design was carefully crafted to prioritize user-friendliness, ensuring that visitors could easily explore and grasp the product’s capabilities. This platform became an invaluable space to articulate and convey the brand’s distinct value proposition, particularly tailored to resonate with healthcare clients seeking innovative solutions.

Marketing Collateral

The commitment to rebranding extended to the creation of a comprehensive set of marketing materials, each designed to echo the essence of the brand’s transformation. These materials not only accentuated the brand’s strengths but also effectively illustrated how it catered to the unique demands of the healthcare sector. Through clear and concise messaging, we succeeded in conveying the product’s myriad benefits, ultimately driving heightened engagement and enthusiasm among our target audience.